Do The Math: Whole-Class Kit: Multiplication C (Serves 1 teacher and 24 students)


Created by Marilyn Burns, Do The Math is a math intervention program that helps students develop the skills they need to compute with accuracy and efficiency, develop a solid foundation in arithmetic understanding and skills, as well as the ability to reason mathematically and solve problems. Multiplication C uses patterns, place value, and the Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties to help students make sense of and develop skills for multi-digit multiplication

Now with a new digital experience for both teachers and students, Do The Math rebuilds critical mathematical foundations for understanding and:

  • Develops understanding of key concepts and skills with whole numbers and fractions—the essentials necessary for students to succeed in algebra and higher-level mathematics.
  • Provides lessons that balance developing understanding and learning procedures.
  • Strengthens students’ ability to make sense of concepts, solve problems, reason, and use appropriate tools. 
  • Extends student practice and further increases engagement through new online tools and interactive games. 

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Product Specs:

  • Multiplication C, Teacher Bookcase 
  • 3 Student Material Kits (Serves 8 students each)
  • Student WorkSpace 
  • Multiplication Classroom Materials Box 


  • 1 One-Year Subscription to HMH Teacher Central 
  • 24 One-Year Subscription Licenses to the Do The Math Student Central and ProgressSpace 

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