Teaching Arithmetic: Lessons for Decimals and Percents, Grades 5–6


Through a series of engaging explorations, students learn to read, represent, and interpret decimal numerals (in the context of money); relate decimals to fractions; and relate percents to fractions and decimals.

This book is part of the Teaching Arithmetic, Complete Series.

Carrie De Francisco and Marilyn Burns
232 Pages

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The Lobster Problem
by Carrie De Francisco and Marilyn Burns

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Testimonial from Beverly Coutts, a sixth-grade teacher in Simi Valley, California. Reprinted with permission.

Dear Math Solutions,

I tried many of the lessons in the book [Teaching Arithmetic: Lessons for Decimals and Percents], such as Broken Calculator (my GATE [Gifted and Talented Education] students loved the challenge) and From Here to There. (You could have heard a pin drop in my room!) I like how many of the lessons integrate the relationship between decimals, fractions, and percents. Many textbooks treat these as separate identities. This book is an excellent supplement to help fill in the gaps and replace many lessons from today's standard math textbooks.

As the sixth grade math teacher at Vista Fundamental in Simi Valley, California, I found all of the lessons to be relevant to the fifth- and sixth-grade level, and they addressed our state’s content standards. The lessons were simple enough for the proficient students to grasp the concepts, yet the open-ended questions and extensions made each lesson challenging enough for my GATE students. Each lesson actively engages all students in learning and builds conceptual understanding. I would strongly recommend this book to my colleagues.

Beverly Coutts
Sixth-Grade Math Teacher
Vista Fundamental
Simi Valley, California

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Focusing on the relationship between decimals and percents, these lessons extend students’ understanding of place value and prepare them for higher level math instruction.

The Lobster Problem
by Carrie De Francisco and Marilyn Burns

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