Math Solutions Essential 6–12 Library


The Math Solutions Essential 6–8 Library includes 26 research-based, classroom-tested books and resources that support educators in implementing best practices and effective strategies to advance student learning in math. From theory to lessons, this collection covers key mathematical topics and strands addressed in middle school.

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▪ A Collection of Math Lessons, Grades 6–8
▪ About Teaching Mathematics, 3rd Edition
▪ Active Algebra
▪ Faster Isn't Smarter
▪ Good Questions For Math Teaching, Grades 5–8
▪ Investigations, Tasks and Rubrics
▪ It's All Connected 6–8
▪ It's All Connected: The Power of Representation to Build Algebraic Reasoning
▪ Learning Math With Calculators: Grades 3–8
▪ Lessons for Algebraic Thinking, Grades 6–8
▪ Math and Literature, Grades 6–8
▪ Math and Nonfiction, Grades 6–8
▪ Math By All Means: Area and Perimeter, Gr. 5–6
▪ Math For All: Differentiating Instruction, Grades 6–8
▪ Math Homework That Counts, Grades 4–6
▪ Math: Facing an American Phobia
▪ Sizing Up Measurement, Grades 6–8
▪ So You Have to Teach Math? Grades 6–8
▪ Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!
▪ Supporting English Language Learners 6–8
▪ TA: Decimals and Percents, Gr. 5–6
▪ TA: Multiplying & Dividing Fractions Gr5–6
▪ The Greedy Triangle
▪ The Math Coach Field Guide
▪ This Is Only A Test
▪ Writing in Math Class, Grades 2–8

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