Math, Literature, and Nonfiction, Complete Series


This seven-book series uses children’s literature and nonfiction as springboards into activities that engage students and motivate them to think, reason, and use their math skills to solve problems. These books include vignettes of lessons and samples of student work.

Download an at-a-glance chart of children’s literature featured in the Math, Literature, and Nonfiction series, listed with grade levels and topics.

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Reviewed by Heather Taylor, Editor of Connect magazine. From the September/October 2007 issue of Connect magazine. Reproduced with permission from Synergy Learning International, Inc., Connect magazine, © September/October 2007.

Math and Literature and Math and Nonfiction series, by various authors, is an outstanding set of resources filled with ideas for integrating specific children’s picture books into math curriculum. Which stories are available and offer a chance to merge children’s love of story with mathematical ideas and concepts? Each of these books contains many examples of student work which clarify the points made by authors. The style in which scenarios are written is as if the reader is observing a class, like a fly on the wall. The classroom teachers writing the chapters report what happened in the conversations and interactions between teachers and students, what lessons they themselves learned, and how student learning was affected. There is not an over-abundance of heady analyses here, but a great deal of more immediately helpful and applicable insights and advice from master teachers in simple and conversational tone. These books also include reproducible masters, charts, and overviews of age level and content areas covered.

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Teachers have long enjoyed using children’s literature to bring their classrooms to life—and now they can bring that same enjoyment to their math instruction.

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