From Reading to Math: How Best Practices in Literacy Can Make You a Better Math Teacher, Grades K–5


Are your students engaged and motivated to read and write but hesitant during math instruction? Do you want your students to be as excited about math as they are about literacy? This unique resource explores how best practices for teaching reading and writing can help you become a better math teacher.

Study questions at the end of each chapter

Maggie Siena
168 Pages

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Review by Elaine Young, from the June 2010 issue of NCTM Teaching Children Mathematics

Such reading strategies as decoding, fluency, and vocabulary have a parallel structure that can be used to improve mathematics teaching and learning. The author directs this book toward teachers of grades K–5, encouraging them to fulfill their roles as lifelong learners by dedicating their classrooms to thinking rather than just answers. Those with successful reading and writing instructional practices are encouraged to use these strategies to teach math. Questions at the end of each chapter encourage teachers to think about how to apply what they have just read to their own teaching: Integrate math into daily classroom routines. Thoughtfully use additional rich math throughout the day rather than at specific times set aside for individual activity sheets. Use students' mistakes and miscues to identify what students can do as well as what they cannot do. To assess math knowledge, use such literacy assessments as running records, retelling and journals. A valuable resource for math teachers seeking to improve their mathematical teaching using their strength in literacy instruction, this book is also informative for mathematically strong teachers working with colleagues who have strengths in reading instruction.

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Drawing on the work of such educators as Richard Allington, Carl Anderson, Marilyn Burns, Cathy Fosnot, Stephanie Harvey, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Ellin Keene, and Diane Snowball, the author describes strategies that work in teaching literacy and how to successfully implement them in the math class.

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