Do The Math Fractions B: Equivalence and Comparison, Whole Class Module (24 Students)


Created by Marilyn Burns, Do The Math is a comprehensive math program that helps students develop the skills they need to compute with accuracy and efficiency, the number sense they need to reason, and the ability to apply their skills and reasoning to solve problems. Each module includes 30 thirty-minute lessons and print assessments. In Fractions B, students name parts of a whole and parts of a set as fractions, identify equivalent fractions, compare and order fractions, solve problems, and communicate ideas with key math vocabulary. The Whole Class Module serves 1 teacher and 24 students.

Do The Math rebuilds critical mathematical foundations for understanding and:

  • Develops understanding of key concepts and skills with whole numbers and fractions—the essentials necessary for students to succeed in algebra and higher-level mathematics
  • Provides lessons that balance developing understanding and learning procedures
  • Strengthens students’ ability to make sense of concepts, solve problems, reason, and use appropriate tools

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Product Specs:

Materials include: Teacher Guide written by Marilyn Burns, Annotated Student WorkSpace, Teaching Arithmetic Book from Math Solutions, How Many Snails? (2 copies), Digital Teaching Resources & Interactive Whiteboards, Teacher Demonstration Materials, Game Materials, Student WorkSpace (24), and Student Pair Materials (12).

Marilyn Burns

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Marilyn Burns is one of today’s most highly respected mathematics educators. Over the course of 50 years, Marilyn has taught children, led in-service sessions, spoken at conferences, contributed to professional journals, written more than a dozen books for children, and created more than 20 professional development resources for teachers and administrators.

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