A Month-to-Month Guide: Fourth-Grade Math (CD Included)


In A Month-to-Month Guide: Fourth-Grade Math, a master classroom teacher offers fourth-grade teachers a practical resource for planning a year of math instruction that will inspire students to enjoy mathematics and develop thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Each chapter features a mathematical topic to be explored through a rich variety of tried-and-true classroom activities. Topics of study include problem solving, numeration and place value, geometry, measurement, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, algebraic thinking, and more.

A CD with 100+ printable, reproducible activities is included!

This book is part of the Month-to-Month Guide, Complete Series and the Month-to-Month Curriculum Guides, Grades 4 and 5: Set of 2 Books.

Lainie Schuster
512 Pages

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Martha Blah Blah
by Lainie Schuster

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This addition to the Month-to-Month Guide series is an excellent reference for both novice and veteran fourth-grade teachers.

The NCTM content and process standards are evident in each lesson and month of study. Each chapter also contains sections focused on calculation routines and practices, writing in mathematics, parent communication, and assessment.

Martha Blah Blah
by Lainie Schuster

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