It Makes Sense! Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense, Grades K–2


From Building a Wacky Hundreds Chart to Number Chart Bingo!, the twenty classroom-tested lessons and games in this resource transform the hundreds chart from a poster on the classroom wall into a hands-on, interactive tool used by both teachers and students. The hundreds chart is one of the most important tools teachers can manipulate to help students think about our base ten number system and to build a mental model of the mathematical structure of it. Working with the hundreds chart helps learners develop the skills they need to become flexible and fluent problem solvers, and meet the requirements of many state standards, including the Common Core State Standards.

The step-by-step lessons in It Makes Sense! Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense offer a wealth of teacher support, including:

  • strategies for differentiating instruction;
  • assessment rubrics;
  • key questions to promote student thinking;
  • tips for using interactive whiteboards;
  • teacher reflections; and
  • reproducible hundreds chart, number puzzles, bingo cards, and more (downloads provided upon purchasing this resource).

Melissa Conklin and Stephanie Sheffield
288 Pages

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Melissa Conklin is the author of Math Solutions highly acclaimed resource It Makes Sense! Using Ten-Frames to Build Number Sense, Grades K–2. Melissa works with Math Solutions as a consultant and was previously a full-time Math Solutions education specialist. She designs and provides professional development, sitebased coaching and e-coaching with classroom teachers, math coaches, and administrators. Melissa lives in Irving, Texas.

Stephanie Sheffield is the author or coauthor of four Math Solutions publications: Math and Literature, Grades 2–3; Math and Literature, Grades K–1; Math and Nonfiction, Grades 3–5; and Teaching Arithmetic: Lessons for First Grade. She is a long-time Math Solutions consultant and has taught in the Houston area for more than twenty-five years.

"It Makes Sense! Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense provides teachers with engaging activities based on important mathematical ideas; clear and concise lessons structured with the "introduce, explore, summarize" format; questions and tips to guide, assess, and extend student thinking; and on-the-spot professional development in the form of Teacher Reflections and A Child's Mind. This resource is an important companion text to any math program!"

Karen Economopoulos, Codirector
Investigations in Number, Data and Space

"It Makes Sense! Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense is a superb resource for teachers! The content is rich, focused on the big ideas of mathematics, appropriate for young students, and conceptually based. The teaching methods are carefully detailed; it is obvious that these are lessons that have been taught to real children in real settings. Melissa and Stephanie have done a masterful job of describing what teaching for understanding really means."

Juanita V. Copley
Professor Emerita, University of Houston

"I've used the activities in It Makes Sense! numerous times in my class. Having the visual of the hundreds chart is very helpful for my students. My students now have a grasp of sequencing, patterns, addition, subtraction, and the relationship between the numbers. Th rough repeated practice, they are able to internalize these skills, all while having fun playing a game."

Shannon Sullivan
First Grade Team Leader/ESL Coordinator
Eickenroht Elementary, Houston, Texas

"It Makes Sense! Using the Hundreds Chart to Build Number Sense . . . and I couldn't agree more! In a primary math classroom, is there any other tool that is more important and appropriate than the hundreds chart? Melissa and Stephanie have teamed together again to provide teachers with engaging lessons accessible to all! Your students build, navigate, investigate, and communicate their way to a stronger sense of numbers. I am not sure if you can find many first graders who wouldn't love to build a wacky hundreds chart and then talk about it with their peers. What a fabulous resource for educators!"

Beth Terry
Math Specialist, Alexandria City Public Schools
Virginia, 2004 PAEMST Awardee—Colorado

"This rich resource provides teachers with easy-to-implement lessons that help children use the hundreds chart to develop key base-ten number concepts—an important thread that runs through the K–5 Common Core Standards. Not only does this book offer engaging activities that can be used with any textbook series, but it also comes with ideas for homework, technology connections, and tips for supporting language learners. It Makes Sense! is at the top of my list when recommending math resources that support number sense development."

Rusty Bresser
Lecturer and Supervisor of Teacher Education at the University of California, San Diego and Co-author of Developing Number Sense, Grades 3–6

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Tables in this resource detail how the lessons connect to the Common Core State Standards. Using the tables alongside your own curriculum, standards, or pacing guides will help you determine which lessons meet the concepts and skills you need to address with your students.

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