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About Teaching Mathematics: A K–8 Resource, Third Edition
About Teaching Mathematics: A K–8 Resource, Third Edition
Price: $59.95

About Teaching Mathematics is essential reading for new, experienced, and preservice K–8 teachers.

Marilyn Burns's signature resource continues to be at the forefront of current trends and practices for improving the teaching and learning of mathematics. Supporting a student-centered problem-solving approach proven by research to best develop students’ thinking and reasoning of mathematics, Marilyn presents invaluable insight in a standards-driven, practical, and accessible manner.

Marilyn Burns
464 Pages

ISBN/Item Number: 9780941355766
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This essential tool includes more than 240 classroom-tested activities and presents the content and pedagogy teachers need to understand the math they are responsible for teaching, use effective instructional strategies, and improve students’ understanding and achievement. The book is organized in five comprehensive parts: "Raising the Issues," "Instruction Activities for the Content Standards," "Teaching Arithmetic," "Mathematical Discussions," and "Questions Teachers Ask."

From hands-on, low-preparation lesson ideas to in-depth explorations of the content areas, About Teaching Mathematics is the all-in-one resource you’ll consult time and time again.

Review by Mary Lou Damjanovich from Teaching Children Mathematics, by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Reprinted with permission from Teaching Children Mathematics.

This book is a great resource for teachers. It provides essential information to help teachers understand how children learn mathematics. This book is a nice companion to NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. It also gives background information and student activities that go hand in hand with Principles and Standards. I read the first edition of Burns’s book many years ago, but I still find it to be energizing because it speaks to the soul of teachers who believe that mathematics is more than 2 + 3 = 5. Author Marilyn Burns is synonymous with problem solving. She has been, and continues to be, a leader in the world of mathematics. The book is divided into four parts: “Raising the Issues,” “Problem-Solving Activities in the Strands,” “Teaching Arithmetic,” and “Mathematical Discussions.” A bibliography, blackline masters, and a list of activities compliment this book. Each part contains a great deal of information and numerous activities for kindergarten through eighth grade. It is a true teacher’s resource. Part 1’s background information helps readers better understand mathematics education. It is very insightful and makes valuable suggestions for answering tough questions concerning the “how” of mathematics, such as how mathematics is being taught compared with how it was once taught. Part 3 includes a section on extending multiplication and division that was not in the first edition. Part 4 is entirely new and not to be missed. The activities presented in this book require the students to use the NCTM’s Process Standards. Some classic problem-solving activities can be found, such as “If a = $.01, b = $.02, . . . , what is the value of your name?” and the classic handshake problem. The first-year teacher or the veteran teacher can find this book to be beneficial. The activities are not grade specific because they can be used in different grades. Learning is an ongoing process for both students and teachers, and this book will help both groups learn more about mathematics. I highly recommend it to teachers.

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